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Being An Effective Project - Program Manager - With A Focus On Data Governance

I'm a Data Governance program manager, but the more I work at this the more I realize the value of proper project management in most business endeavors at my organization.

From initiation through project closing, following the project management domains as established in the PMBOK helps project managers from re-inventing the wheel every time they start a new project. By having the best practices established as the standard for running a project, you will receive consistent results each time you take on something new.

I run a program, which is differentiated from a project in that it is an ongoing endeavor (ie no end date). So, our program really consists of many discrete projects, and we apply project management skills to each of these and have experience great success. The tighter we get in our project management process, the more effective our team has become in generating results very quickly.

Some of the ways in which this has helped us is that if a team member changes, switch teams, or becomes ill, we don't miss a step. Good, standardized documentation ensures that we keep on plugging through most minor disruptions that could wreck projects who aren't ready for a change like this.

We also have good documentation for review of projects two years after we start them. Sometimes projects get shelved because of funding, and then come back up years later, and if you closed out the project correctly, you'll have to do less back tracking to bring the project back to life.

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There are a wealth of resources on Data Governance Maturity Models, Conferences, Tips, Advice and even contests for prizes!

These are just a few examples of how project management skills can help your project or programs succeed. For more information on building a successful Data Governance project, visit my blog at