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Prince2: Three Interests That Must Be Represented On The Project Board

PRINCE mandates the structure and composition of the Project Board. Three interests must be represented on the Project Board at all times. The Project Board interest will consist of:

  • Business

  • User

  • Supplier

  • Business

    The following two factors should exist before commitment to the project is made, and remain in existence throughout the project.

    • The product(s) of the project should meet a business need.

    • The project should be value for money.

    • PRINCE makes a distinction between the business and the requirements of those who will use the final product(s). The Executive role is defined to look after the business interests (representing the Customer).


      The user can be an individual, group or groups which the following will apply:

      • they will use the final product

      • the product will achieve an objective for them

      • they will use the end result to deliver benefits

      • they will be impacted by the outcome.

      • The User presence is needed to specify the desired outcome and ensure that theProject delivers it. User management should therefore be represented on the Project Board.


        The creation of the end product (and maybe its operation) will need certainresources with certain skills. Representation is needed from the Supplier who will provide these resources and skills.

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