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About Spain - Fiesta and Siesta

When asked, the president of Spain mentioned the word "Generosity" a the most beautiful word. His opponent Rajoy brought "Word" (palabra) itself as being the finest amongst the Spanish (Castilian) words. ( Generosity is indeed a word where you have to think about when you are amongst people in Spain.

Rituals are those acts where something is celebrated. We all know them, for example the celebration of our own birthday. A ritual is a cultural product. The way we celebrate our birthday in The Netherlands is completely different than in Spain.

In fact in Spain you do not even need an cause to celebrate something, a little ‘incident’ could be enough; someone who got the idea to prepare a “Paella” ( a traditional Spanish rice dish) for the community for example.

And if you ought to compare two different rituals the lunch would be preferred above the siesta. If we have to, the siesta can wait...

If you experience such an occasion (Fiesta) and you are not used to the way people party you could become really astonished.

The preparation of the Paella is a real tradition. It is prepared in a enormous pan and the fiesta starts around it. Than, do not think that the Paella is the only food that will be served. Drinks are important, but in Spain you do not drink without a bit of food, so during the Paella preparations, “the Tapas” are served. And the celebration is not finished without desert, coffee and snaps.

But the most astonishing is that time stops when this is going on. This means that if a "Paella" starts at lunchtime – about three o’clock in Spain -- the party could easily continue until late at night. And with no siesta this time. And all that for "no specific reason", jut to have some fun. And fun it is...

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