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Scientifically Learning The Art Of Project Management

Project management training is an essential process in current stage. As a project must be completed within a deadline, how it should be started, managed and ended plays an important role in all projects. The project methodology and project management tools must be understood to fulfill the project objectives efficiently. The training is significant to consider the technology and management within the project. How we handle the project within its life-cycle plays a big role in how well the project comes out and hence proper training is needed for project management.

Let's take the case of a software development project. A project is initiated only after proper justification is provided. For this to happen, there must be a genuine need for the outcome being desired to be project result. Project planning begins with understanding the requirements. The requirements in a software development project are set forth by the business analyst handling that client/relationship. The requirements need to be tested using cases. There is a variety of requirements analysis software available in the market. Once the requirements have been decided upon and documented properly, the next phase of project management begins.

Allocation of resources is a part of Project Management. And hence the cost centers are resources as well. Therefore maximum contribution can provided to make a good project by utilizing some or all of its resources. The resources can be managed by use of timelines which is an integral part of Project Management. The desired objectives can be attained by using project management template which is one of the preferred ways by many managers. The worksheet software application is used to design such templates. Hence to provide complete project management training it is essential to include hands-on training on worksheet processing software.

Two way communication plays an important part in project throughout it's entire life. Managers find the feedback loop a great boon to understand the present status of the project. All future plans depend on the present status of the project. Hence a hands on training in proper use of communication tools in project management will be a huge advantage. This training includes much more than just mail software training. One must stress on the importance of timely checks throughout the duration of the project.

Resource allocation on project deals with allocation of resources including human capital, capable of doing tasks in a logical manner in order that the project objectives are met. Training in project management emphasizes on human capital management i.e., organizational behavior, costing and human resource management and includes sessions on quality, value engineering, and theory of constraints. These theories are not to be just read, but imbibed as a philosophy in every project. Hence, project management trainings must include tasks which involve application of the key take-aways from the sessions.

In recent times, many trainers have started using specially designed computer games to illustrate the project management concepts. these games involve the learner to use project management technology and focus on their approach to training project management concepts. The outcome of such game based training is quantifiable through course assessment. it can be summarized that training should also involve the learner to perform tasks using project management technology and not only traditional project management philosophies.