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How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint!

Whether it is a group meeting at work or a major conference, we have all been in the audience at some time and experienced 'death by PowerPoint'!

The presenter who has written every word on each slide and then reads it to us (like we can't read), the presenter who is so nervous they talk to the screen not the audience, trying to fit too many slides into a presentation then running out of time - I hardly need to say more, we have all been there. And when it comes to our turn to make a presentation do we find ourselves falling into the same traps or do we really try to do something that will make people remember our presentation for all the right reasons?

Just recently I had to make two presentations in two different places at the same time and so I decided to use something I have been promoting for some time to help me cover both appointments - digital story telling. How did it work?

First of all I put together the PowerPoint that I would have shown had I been there, then I saved each slide as a JPEG (PowerPoint lets you do this easily). Once I had all the slides as images I then treated the presentation just like any other digital story telling project. I took each picture and added some effects and transitions so people followed the dot points as I spoke then I recorded my presentation against each individual slide.

At the end of that I rolled it all up into a movie and my colleagues ran it at the appropriate moment on the agenda for me. What the meeting got was the PowerPoint I had prepared and the presentation I would have given in my own voice - where they impressed? Absolutely! The only thing missing was me being able to answer questions but I tried to cover that as much as I could.

Now consider how you can adapt this for your own business presentations - you can certainly make your own PowerPoint presentation with your own voice and you can add other things like pictures and even a movie into the final presentation. It can be shown on a data projector, on a computer or even burnt to a DVD.

I have been teaching people about digital storytelling for a long time now and so I keep finding more and more ways of using this powerful and fun tool to help in my work and leisure activities. In fact I have made a digital story about making a digital story and I offer it on the Internet as a tutorial for those who want to make their activities also stand out from the crowd. I have also done the tutorial in print form so you can have it beside you the first time you try it. In fact the whole kit has everything to get anyone started the minute they have finished downloading it!

I am so confident that whoever buys this kit will not only find it easy to get into digital storytelling but will also find all sorts of great ways to make it work for them that I give a money back guarantee!

Check out the website, get the starter kit and let your presentation stand out!

Digital Story Telling Starter Kit is available at: