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Hotel and Motel Management Training

Vocational hotel and motel management training prepares students for the duties relevant to the field of hospitality. Hotel and motel management can be extremely rigorous, as facility managers are frequently called upon at any time of day or night, and may be required to perform a variety of menial duties.

As part of a tourism administration program, hotel and motel management training provides extensive coursework in travel and tourism, communications, computer applications, catering, legal aspects, marketing, insurance issues, hospitality management, menu planning, food preparation, and procurement.

Professional hotel and motel management schools help aspiring managers gain sufficient knowledge in how to handle emergencies or staffing problems, which requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a great deal of self-discipline. A thorough hotel and motel management education also helps build a strong background in financial matters, organizational skills, and an ability to focus on details-all important factors for a successful career.

Graduates who have achieved proper hotel and motel management training can apply for numerous positions in established hotels or restaurants. For the truly ambitious candidate, a quality hotel and motel management training program can lead to larger areas of management, such as property management and administrative or financial management.

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