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Password Storage Software - How Not to Forget Your Password!

We all know how tragic it can be to forget your password and not be able to login to your account. Though there are tools which allow you to restore your lost password, it may take several hours to several days before your account is reactivated with a new password. But what will you do, if you need immediate access to your account to receive an important message or to make an online transaction?

Occasionally your memory plays a trick on you, and you forget simple things such as your login and password. If something like this happens, all you can do is blame the poor memory and yourself for being such a ditz. Stop! Give your nervous system a break and your memory a good rest. With the password storage software, you don't have to remember anything.

If you are an active Internet user, you probably have several online accounts and thus have to remember a lot of logins and passwords. The more different passwords you have, the higher is risk of forgetting them. However, with password storage software you can totally free your mind and spend your time on more pleasant things other than fruitless attempts to resurrect your poor memory.

Password storage software works like this. When you enter your logins and passwords on the web, it saves your details to a database, so the next time you need to enter your account, it automatically fills in your logins and passwords, just like many Internet browsers do. However, when you allow a browser to remember your password, you allow anyone who uses the same browser to access your account. That is why most people prefer not to do that.

If you use good password storage software, nobody will be able to access your account without your permission. All passwords are stored in a database which is protected with your master password. Once you've finished your work with the browser, the database is locked up automatically so nobody can access your accounts.

Besides, good password storage software would have the password management option. All logins and passwords are stored in categories such as email accounts, bank accounts, online shopping etc. so you always know where to find your personal information. Once you open the database, it all becomes fast and easy!

In addition, password storage software has the option of password creation. So if you cannot think of a strong secure password for your online account, it will create a secure password for you using the most advanced password creation techniques.

No need to invent, no need to remember, no need to type! Automate the sign-in process with the password storage software!

Alexander Golishev is a copywriter for Novosoft LLC, software developer who writes about IT and other subjects.