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Job Offer Negotiation: Negotiating More Than Just Salary

Job offer negotiation can sometimes extend beyond just the salary. If you have a job offer that you feel could be a bit better and the company won't improve the salary, there might be options available that the company might be willing to improve upon.

Often you might be able to get a potential employer to improve upon the job offer they've given you and if so, here are some items you can sometimes negotiate, beyond just the salary:

Job title

Job responsibilities

Bonus structure or frequency

Signing bonus

Vacation time

Timing of salary or appraisal review

Start date

Work location

Ability to work from home

Fringe benefits

Moving or relocation expenses

The division or department you'll be working in

Reporting structure

These are just some things that might be negotiable when you receive a job offer that is not exactly what you were looking for.

As a recruiter, I usually negotiate the job offer for my job candidates that I'm representing and I've personally seen situations where a hiring manager has given the person some concessions (ie. such as some of the points mentioned above) when they can't or won't improve upon the salary.

It's usually best to look beyond just the salary when considering a job offer, too.

When negotiating the job offer, remember that at some point the negotiating has to stop and you either have to accept or reject the offer.

Also, sometimes there might be no room to negotiate. Sometimes a job offer is given on a take-it-or-leave-it basis and in some cases, a hiring manager may simply be unable or unwilling to improve upon any aspect of the job offer they've presented to you.

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