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Definition of Stress Management

Understanding the core factors in producing stress takes you closer to eliminating it. But since the most common conception of stress takes into account something we all know, then the definition of stress management should be obvious Ė except that it isnít.

We define it as our conscious knowledge of things that effect stress and the methods to divest stress harmlessly out of our body system. It is also a set of techniques that professionals do to help us in coping with various kinds of stress. Furthermore, we can also say that it is an equipping of knowledge, a conditioning, or a change of a lifestyle that allows only the most minimum instances where stress can actually set in.

Before we start, what is stress? Stress is a nervous system reaction of your body towards certain stimulus. This nervous system reaction could be easily viewed as an unconscious preparation of the body for a certain activity, like for instance releasing adrenaline chemicals onto your muscles whenever you feel alarmed, for example triggering auto response duck and adrenaline rush quickness on the muscles as you hear and process a gunfire shot; or else shutting down some of your pain receptors while youíre in a fight.

The problem with stress response is that it also triggers psychologically. Anxiety of approaching deadlines, nervousness over the outcome of a completing project, surmounting unpaid bills, or the nervous anticipation of any event, any situation thatís going to happen in the near future may trigger stress response. Over time, these repeated stress experiences can severely deplete energy which could be used for other health functions like digesting meals, functioning body defense system, and such.

Returning on track, the definition of stress management is a system that is aimed to reduce stress and/or facilitate the person to cope with these instances. Because stress falls into a complex assortment of emotions and sources of them are even more profuse, the definition of stress management has become so broad, but all of them are aimed to relieve stress and divert these energies elsewhere harmless, and sometimes, even productive. All in all, the definition of stress management falls into three categories: action oriented stress management, emotionally oriented stress management, and acceptance oriented stress management.

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