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The Importance Of DRM (Digital Rights Management)

The advent of modern technology and the internet has meant that it has become easier than ever to obtain copies of our favorite television programs, music singles and albums and movies than it ever has been before. Whereas copying a video taped program used to result in substandard copy, a digital copy has little difference in quality compared to the original.

This is where DRM (digital rights management) comes in. DRM (digital rights management) is a way to protect digital files from copyright theft, and it can apply in several different circumstances.

Images, Files And Programs

Many big companies are now using DRM (digital rights management) to protect their goods. So for example, you might buy a DVD of your favorite television program and find that you cannot make a copy of it.

Of course, copying in this way is illegal, so the companies are protecting their rights quite correctly.

But DRM (digital rights management) can also be a hindrance in certain circumstances. Letís say you buy an e-book on the history of your favorite television program, complete with an episode guide for reference.

You decide youíd like to print out a copy so youíll always have the episode guide close at hand when deciding which episode you want to watch. The trouble is, if the creator has exercised their right to use DRM (digital rights management), you might find they have prohibited you from printing out a copy.

This is really to prevent you from printing out copy after copy and selling it yourself, but it limits the practicality of the product itself for the user.

Protecting Copyright

DRM (digital rights management) is basically intended to protect the copyright owners from losing sales of their e-books, DVDís and other items. The theory goes that the easier it is to copy and distribute digital works through the internet and on compact discs, the more sales the copyright owner will lose out on, and hence the less money they will earn from their own work.

This is true but it also hinders the rights of consumers, who now find that they are extremely limited in what they can do with their digital files.

So if you want to create a memorable DVD for someoneís birthday and set it to music, you might just find that using even a snippet of a television theme, or a certain song, or even a line or two from your favorite movie, might be out of the question because of the way DRM (digital rights management) works.

The big media companies have got their eye on you.

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