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Property Management Web Site: Marketing to Renters and Property Owners

Property management is a unique business that requires a marketing strategy for reaching property owners who want to hand over the burdens of rental management and prospective tenants who are looking for clean, well managed properties. A property management web site should be designed to communicate with both groups.

One of the requirements for developing an effective web site that delivers traffic your business is accommodating the needs of the search engines that send those customers to your property management web site. Property owners will most likely be looking for "property management" or "rental management" along with the name of your town or area.

Renters and prospective tenants are looking for an entirely different set of keywords. They are looking for "apartment rentals in your town, duplexes in your town, houses for rent in your town". You want the search engines to identify both sets of keywords with your property management company. We have found that it works well to have 2 sections in your web site. One caters to the needs of property owners who want to find out the property management services you provide and the other caters to the needs of renters looking for a place to rent in your area.

In many cases, you have 2 different sets of people within your company. One group specializes in working with the property owners and taking care of their needs. The other group consists of property managers that show and rent your properties. We have found that it works best to feature each group separately in the respective areas of your web site. Then the property owners and the prospective tenants are seeing the people they will be working with. Inquiries from your web site will be sent to the correct group of people as well.

You can see some examples of this dual concept in the property management web sites of HDA Management and Metro Property Management. Overall, you will find this is an effective marketing plan that meets the needs of property owners, renters, and the search engines that deliver your web content.

Jim is a web developer and programmer who works with his wife, Cari, in their full service small business web development company. We specialize in serving property management companies that want to market and manage their rental listings online.