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The world behind a virtually simulated world is that of simulation software. Simulation software is the tool used to design or manage the imitation system to describe the real potential process or situation. They are generally application specific and the main characteristics of this software is usability and availability. Based on these, simulation software has found its way into numerous and varied application fields.

One example of this type of software is Risk, a software package used primarily for risk analysis and decision-making. This simulation is used basically for financial analysis by insurance and financial services companies. Analytica is a software package used in investment, portfolio and network analysis, as also in areas of research.

Any Logic 6.0 is used for market modelling, logistics, resource and asset management. Although used primarily by the telecom and transportation sector, it may be used for global modelling for any kind of business. Arena, SAS Software, Show Flow, SIGMA, Sim cad Flow are some of the other simulation applications available in the market.

Scheduling, goods and people management, call centre activities, network flow analysis can all be included features in simulated software. Simulation software has widespread applications and uses. This enables the user to analyse, interpret and draw conclusions, using information from various sources and in various forms. These are designed to inculcate in a model, information from spreadsheets, CAD, output and production figures, which provide a realistic and accurate idea of effects, results and reactions when parameters are changed in the simulated process.

Simulation software used in simulation games are designed to replicate even the smallest of details to provide a realistic feel to the game. Its use for military purposes varies from military ranges, mock warfare, internal simulation, external simulation and exercise planning.

The applications of simulation software are increasing everyday and increasingly sophisticated simulation software applications are now available for personal computers as well.

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